PowerPoint Presentations

Session 3

Creating a Policies and Practice Framework for Banning Youth

————Karen Drynan, Shawn Johnston, and Rhea Bowman (Action Alliance for Youth Inclusion)

Session 13

Youth Strengths Arise From the Ashes of Adversity: What Did Youth Tell Us They Need from Service Providers and How Can We Practice from a Strengths-based Approach?

————Candace Lind, Brenda Juby, and Christine Walsh

Session 16

Let’s Talk About You(th):Restoring Connection and Restoring Justice Youth Restorative Action Project

————Landon Turlock, YRAP File Coordinator and Shaylyn Hunter, Program Coordinator


Session 18

Building Capacity for Resilient Brains

————Jacqueline Dagneau and Jessica Karpa (The Family Centre)

Session 29

Communicating Effectively with Youth Experiencing Chronic Trauma

————Peter Smyth and Heather Peddle (Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services)

Session 14

Vermilion Outreach School: Moving from Trauma Ignorant to Informed

————Derek Collins (Vermilion Outreach School)